Everything You Need To Know About Random Number Generator (RNG) In Gambling

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The Random Number Generator (RNG) is a technical element that has become popular in the gambling industry in recent years. It enables for the generation of random results and replaces mechanical game-of-chance methods such as shuffling cards or rolling dice. Aside from the ability to produce unintended results, RNG assists in dealing with large volumes of data, statistics, and determining the return rate of casino games. Today, we’ll go over all you need to know about this widely utilized gaming technology..

What is A Random Number Generator?

A random number generator (RNG) is a piece of software or hardware that generates a random or pseudo-random number from a predetermined or infinite set of values.

Random number generators are employed in a variety of ways in today’s world, and they’ve long been a crucial component in the online gambling sector.


Online casinos, such as those described on this page, and electronic gambling games in general would not be conceivable without the use of a random number generator.

RNG algorithms are extremely valuable in online gambling and created by the industry’s top software companies.

Online betting sites use a random number generator (RNG) to ensure that every hand dealt is random and that players do not get an advantage by working out a non-random strategy for card distribution.

The Different Types Of RNGs

RNGs come in a range of shapes, and they all work in slightly different ways.

Pseudo RNG (PRNG)

Pseudo RNG is a type of random number generator that is used in casinos. It’s considered as a ‘pseudo’ RNG because it’s not actually random. Instead, it begins with a seed number and then runs it through a series of algorithms to generate the next random number. This number is then used in the following cycle, and so on.


The issue is that algorithms and mathematical operations (such as + and -) are not random; 2+2 equals four every time. This means that you will always get the same result if you start with the same seed number. However, the algorithms and seed numbers involved are so complex that it is hard to forecast what will happen next in practice.

The seed numbers frequently reach several millions of decimal places, and the actions they undergo are quite complicated. This means that the number generated is, for all intents and purposes, random.

Hardware RNG (HRNG)

A Hardware RNG is another type of RNG that a casino may use (HRNG). This is a physical gadget that connects to the casino’s computers and starts with compound values. It may, for example, record radioactive isotopes that emit a varying number of electrons every second and use that as the starting point for the RNG algorithm.


RNGs first came into the casino industry as a novel way to operate slot machines. In the past, slot machines used psychical reels to choose which symbols would land on (typically just one) payline, resulting in winning combinations. Online slots are more intricate nowadays, and they can be played on several paylines. Old-fashioned cogs and reels couldn’t manage this level of complexity, and without the RNG, online slots would never have progressed to this degree.

Aside from letting developers produce more interesting and different slot games, RNGs are necessary for making games fair and honest.

Since the moment the game loaded, it has been creating a string of random numbers behind the scenes. The sequence will continue to advance until you press the spin button. The sequence will be paused at this point, and the random number will be translated into a physical conclusion — the reels will come to a halt, a card will be dealt, the winning pocket on a roulette wheel will be revealed, and so on. RNGs are examined by independent regulators, and casino sites that fail these tests will not be granted an operational license.


Online casinos work by using software that simulates the activities occurring in a real casino and then displays the results graphically on your computer screen. To reflect the inherent unpredictability of all casino games, the displayed outcomes must be generated at random. This is where the use of random number generators (RNGs) comes into play.

The software communicates with the RNG whenever it needs to reproduce a random outcome. The software is then fed whatever number the RNG has generated at that specific instant. Each possible number corresponds to a possible result, and the software shows the appropriate outcome.



For instance, assume you’re playing blackjack and you decide to hit. In a physical casino, your next card will be dealt from the top of the deck. However, there is no genuine deck to deal cards from in an online casino. The casino software will, therefore, ask the RNG to create a fresh number. The number provided by the RNG will determine which card you will receive under the same limits as a traditional casino.

RNGs in casinos are tested by a number of organizations. eCOGRA, IGL, iTechLAbs, QUINEL, and TST are the five major ones. All of them are well-known around the world, and gambling authorities rely on them to verify that a casino’s or developer’s games are truly random and fair. You might have wondered what RNG certification meant in the past; it simply means that the casino has been audited by one of these agencies. Many casinos are RNG-certified, and honest operators proudly advertise the accreditation on their websites.

Let’s have a look at some of the well-known testing agencies:


TST is well-known in the iGaming industry for performing technical audits on RNGs along with other lottery and sportsbook operations. It also conducts full-scale security checks and audits poker systems for hacking vulnerabilities. Italy, London, Macau, Manila, the Netherlands, and Vancouver, Canada are all home to TST.




You’ve probably noticed the eCOGRA emblem on the websites of your favorite online casinos as it’s one of the most well-known in the business. The London-based company is dedicated to fair gambling and operator accountability. Apart from RNGs, the test compares casinos to its own generally recognized practice requirements to ensure that everything is in working condition before approving them.


Verisign is the world’s leading provider of technical audits for RNGs and the iGaming industry in general. The firm, which is headquartered in North America but has operations in India, China, Switzerland, Australia, and the UK, offers a variety of security services and is a cyber-attack expert. Any casino that displays its seal can rest certain that its RNG is in good hands.

Gaming Associates



Gaming Associates (GA) is a renowned iGaming industry consultant on problems such as rules, security, and fairness. Since the 1990s, when gaming regulations became more stringent, the demand for skilled compliance assistance has increased. GA works with operators to verify that they are lawful, and in order to be legal, they must use RNGs which are both safe and fair.

RNGs are used in all modern online casino games to give the element of chance. Since we switched to digitally rendered, software-based versions of slots, blackjack, roulette, and everything else a RNG casino has to offer, the games have used numbers to determine their outcomes. This works in a very straightforward manner. To produce fair results, the RNG works in combination with casino software.
If you’re playing blackjack, the RNG will send the software a unique value the moment you hit deal. The hand is essentially responsible for this value. When it comes to blackjack, this means that all of the cards dealt in that hand are dealt in a predetermined and random order. The RNG value is turned into a winning number on the roulette wheel in a game of roulette. And in the case of slots, the RNG determines the outcome of each and every spin. Here are some of our favorite slot games where you can put this theory to the test: Dazzle Me, Jimi Hendrix, Space Wars and Mega Moolah.


Over the last five years, live dealer games have been increasingly popular, and they’re worth investigating because they differ dramatically from the RNG gaming we’ve become accustomed to. Real  human dealers and croupiers, as well as real cards and tables, are used in live games. As a result, RNGs cannot be employed to produce fair results. Live games, on the other hand, use the same principles as land-based casinos to ensure that the outcome of each round of play is completely random.



Live card games, though, use a freshly shuffled deck of cards for each hand to eliminate card counting and other exploitative methods. Of course, the results of live games are still ‘random,’ but not as unpredictable as a real RNG. Even so, the ordinary player will not notice the change. In the sake of openness, some live providers, such as Evolution, reassure players of fairness by deploying various camera viewpoints. When an auditor evaluates the fairness and legitimacy of a casino site, live dealer games are also taken into account, thus anything with a valid license and a legal audit certificate is safe and secure.

Strategies To Beat RNGs

On a theoretical level, you can beat a pseudo RNG by reverse engineering it and predicting what would happen next. Unfortunately, in reality, it is quite challenging. Modern RNGs have a lot of protection built in, and manipulating them without access to the source code is nearly impossible. There is no credible casino RNG predictor; if there was, it wouldn’t be random. By properly controlling your bankroll and using tried-and-true casino betting tactics, you will be significantly more likely to succeed. You can ‘beat’ the RNG in this regard by lowering the house edge and increasing your odds of winning.

Final Thoughts

The role of a RNG is simple: it ensures that games are random and therefore fair for both players and casinos. Check that the casino you’re playing at is RNG certified if you want to be sure that the games you’re gambling are fair. If it is authorized by one of the organizations listed above, you can relax and enjoy your time playing online casinos, focusing all of your concentration on developing the most effective betting strategy to maximize your winnings.


Get your frequently asked questions answered with this FAQ handy sections:

Simply put, if you’re playing at a registered casino, relevant gaming boards and test laboratories ensure that all games are random. Before it goes on the floor, every new machine is inspected and audited on a regular basis throughout the rest of its life.

No. The RNG does not deal with money; rather, it is unaware of the magnitude of your wager. It only generates random numbers that appear on the reels as different symbol combinations.

No. Don’t make the mistake of conflating randomization with equality. Even if some symbols (typically low-paying) appear more frequently than others, the results can still be unpredictable.

Hardware Random Number Generators, or HRNG, are used to power land-based slots. HRNGs are external devices connected to the casino server’s USB port.

On the other hand, the Pseudorandom Number Generator, or PRNG, is at the core of virtual one-armed bandits — a program code built by software developers that allows complicated mathematical methods to “inform” reels when to stop spinning.

Both types of RNGs in slots are typically designed to generate up to 4 billion numbers for each spin. They generally start with a “seed number,” used by the computer to generate a new, random number, which then becomes a seed to provide more data to the intricate algorithm for the continually repeating process.


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