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The news that Chelsea is playing better and better in the Premier League arena makes fans wonder, is Thomas Tuchel’s departure the right decision of this team’s executive board? And is it because the German coach is no longer there that the quality of Chelsea’s football is getting better and better? Many questions are being asked around this coach, and if Chelsea continues to rise higher in the rankings, perhaps Thomas Tuchel has to leave the position of chief coach is the right decision. In this article, let’s analyze Chelsea’s form and say goodbye to Tuchel after 7 matches with this team.

What is the real reason for Tuchel’s departure as head coach?

Thomas Tuchel

Maybe many people will answer that the real reason for Thomas Tuchel’s dismissal was as a result of the defeat to Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League group stage. In terms of force, class as well as level, Dinamo Zagreb is not a worthy opponent for Chelsea, even before the confrontation between these two teams started, Dinamo was certainly predicted to lose. Perhaps this certainty of Chelsea’s victory is a strong slap on the faith of the leadership as well as the fans of this team when Chelsea succumbed to Dinamo Zagreb 0-1 at home. And unfortunately, the criticism of the Blues’ loss was directed entirely toward Thomas Tuchel. It was a match where the German coach’s students played extremely faintly, clumsy, and completely let the weaker team play to dominate. Even Aubameyang, Sterling and Havertz had outstanding performances from the opening minutes of the game, but soon their combination turned into a disaster. This made the opponent take advantage of the opportunity and quickly get the goal to determine the final score of the match. Before the defeat to Dinamo Zagreb, Chelsea had also succumbed to much weaker teams such as Leeds and Southampton, those defeats all ended with a strong score in favor of the visitors in the disappointment of the fans in the stands. Although Tuchel was constantly refreshing the squad and experimenting with different positions on the field, what he received in return was only a series of consecutive defeats.

Therefore, it is not surprising that fans all assume that the reason the German coach was eliminated is because of Chelsea’s weak performance in consecutive confrontations. However, that is not all, there are many more reasons why the Chelsea board decided to let Tuchel leave immediately even though they have to spend a large amount of money to compensate this coach due to unilaterally breaking the contract. Thomas Tuchel is known for being an unapproachable and somewhat eccentric coach, it is this personality that makes him unable to stick with Borussia Dortmund for long, although Tuchel’s leadership ability is not bad. The Chelsea side revealed that Tuchel was completely indifferent to the transfer issue, while other teams were constantly recruiting for them monster rookies with championship ambitions, but Tuchel was completely out of power in the heat of the transfer season. The same coach also flatly refused to accept Ronaldo when he was hesitant to leave Manchester United. And of course, Tuchel did not give any reasonable reason when he turned down the Portuguese super player. This shows Tuchel’s bad work attitude and unreasonable actions, which contributed to the coach’s faster departure from Chelsea.

Chelsea regain form since Thomas Tuchel left

Chelsea regain form since Thomas Tuchel left

Certainly, when witnessing Chelsea’s rising style and playing style, Tuchel will feel heartbroken and a little jealous of the new Blues coach, which is Graham Potter. Potter is not Chelsea’s best choice, but so far, this alternative is proving to be outstanding in his leadership. Under Potter’s direction, Chelsea easily won against Aston Villa, and the highlight of the game was Mason Mount, a lackluster midfielder when Tuchel was still in charge. Immediately after his excellent performance, Mason Mount was considered by many experts to be really suitable for Potter’s tactical scheme, not only that, in the next matches, Mount increasingly proved that he was really back.

Chelsea is showing they are the brightest candidates for the championship title after the games were somewhat distracting and losing form under the guidance of Tuchel. This team is really reviving in the Premier League, it was Gramham Potter who made them regain the winning streak that both themselves and the Blues fans crave for so long. Up to now, they have had 5 consecutive wins, and of course, this number of wins will not stop there. With a good start with Potter, surely many fans will be heartbroken when thinking about Thomas Tuchel. Tuchel himself also asked to stay with Chelsea to correct his mistakes and restore the honor of this team after consecutive defeats, but unfortunately, the Blues’ coaching staff did not accept. The main reason is that they think they can’t find in the German coach the common view and goals when Tuchel leads everything in favor of feeling and sometimes he is too perfectionist, he wants everything to their own discretion without giving a satisfactory explanation. While the Chelsea board wants stability and long-term high rankings, they do not need the sudden changes in play and even less the risky experimental plans that Tuchel proposed. Tuchel’s departure leaves Potter with a very good squad, the important thing that Potter has to do is promote the full potential of the players in the team and regain the reputation of Chelsea. So far, what this coach has done is making the fans extremely satisfied, and Chelsea, with 4th place in the rankings, will certainly have more success if they can maintain their current form.

Tuchel’s departure will certainly not avoid questions from the fans but perhaps, this German coach is really not suitable for the English league because he is too hot-tempered and completely lacks ingenuity. Let’s look forward to a completely new Chelsea after Tuchel’s departure and let’s see what achievements they can create after leaving the German coach. At the same time, let’s follow the next steps in Tuchel’s career, perhaps he will return to German football, where he is well-received.