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The best drivers in the F1 race certainly know the name Max Verstappen, the 22-year-old is flourishing in his career. He is a huge phenomenon in the racing world and is scaring other racers by continuously bringing in big prizes. For Verstappen, the records he has achieved have never made him feel satisfied and happy with himself, the 22-year-old’s goal is to replace Schmacher as the greatest driver. world. Can he do this?

Interesting things about Verstappen


In racing, perhaps the most interesting thing about a racer is his achievements. At Verstappen, not to mention achievements, fans must be amazed because at such a young age, this Dutchman has won the titles that many drivers have to spend their whole lives competing to have the opportunity to win such titles. What makes the Dutch driver so loved and admired is his immense love for adventure racing. Although not as experienced as other riders, people have never seen in Verstappen fear or anxiety before the dangerous races, they only see this young man’s determination, fearlessness and maturity as a champion. He can completely master the track and prove to veteran riders that he is not an easy opponent to play at all.

The first interesting thing that we have to mention when talking about Verstappen is that he is the youngest F1 driver in history, at only 17 years old, this guy was able to complete a dangerous race and not only that, but just a year later, he won the title of the most prestigious circuit championship in the world. The Dutchman brought immense pride to his nation at the age of 18 and at the same time began to take his first solid steps on the road to becoming a world-class racer.

The second interesting thing that racing lovers must know about this young racer is his family tradition. Verstappen is lucky to be born into a family where everyone has a great love for adventure racing. His father was also a good driver in the F1 circuit, his mother is also a kart racer, although his parents did not achieve too much success in their racing career, they were made a great success when he inherited Verstappen’s love and aptitude for racing from an early age. His parents also directed him to race and chose racing as his main occupation. They see great potential in their son and place their trust in Verstappen. Indeed, he did not disappoint his parents. He is showing that he is about to become a new legend of the world.

Interesting things about Verstappen

The next interesting thing to say about this young racer is that he is of Dutch-Belgian bloodline. However, Verstappen still favorably chose the Netherlands as the location for him to start his career even though in Belgium he has already been recognized for his talent and is willing to issue a racing license by the Government of this country if he asks to have. However, Verstappen himself once confided that he has special feelings for the Netherlands and his love for this country is also greater, perhaps that’s why he chose the Netherlands as the place of origin for his achievements. There doesn’t seem to be a tournament in the Netherlands where Verstappen hasn’t marked his achievements, he himself admits, the proximity to his father makes him love the Netherlands and desire to pay tribute and dedicate his skills to the professional racetracks in this country. For the international arena, Verstappen also wants to put on the Dutch shirt so that he can represent this country and bring pride to the Netherlands with his own ability.

The next interesting thing is that Verstappen changed the rules of the world famous racing tournament, the F1 race. The reason is because he won the championship title before he was 18 years old, 17 years old is the age when no one, not even professional drivers, can believe that he will be crowned champion. But the truth is, he did. Therefore, the leadership of the world No. 1 race has had to adjust to the age of competition, from next year, drivers over 18 years old are allowed to participate in these tournaments to ensure their performance. and achievements.

Desire to set a record

In Verstappen, one can always see the burning desire for championship titles or world records, one can see in the 22-year-old youngster Schumacher’s dream of conquering the highest peaks, and Most importantly, everyone believes that Verstappen can usurp Schumacher’s throne. He’s won four in a row in the Netherlands in one season, it seems that whatever lap he’s in, he’s likely to win. Sometimes, due to consecutive victories, Verstappen is also analyzed by experts and thinks that he has unfair ways of playing. However, this was quickly refuted by the young driver with victories at the Spanish GP. Sure, issues surrounding Vestappen’s age will always be the subject of gossip, but all of that is just to prove his talent.

Most recently, he went on to win the track championship in Japan. However, many people still think that the goal of the Dutch guy is not in the country of the rising sun, he is looking to focus on the US races to try to win 13 times in a season, this is exactly his desire to equal Schumacher’s record. With youth and enthusiasm, it’s hard to stop Verstappen’s strides in his playing career. In the future, this guy will certainly create more miracles, and of course, Schumacher’s desire to break records is completely within Verstappen’s reach. Let’s look forward to seeing his class performances at the US races.

The desire to win is something every driver needs to possess, but in Verstappen, it is more evident than ever, it is he who is spreading the energy of youth and enthusiasm to the riders. On the other hand, he is a role model to learn and love and he is also the inspiration for Dutch extreme sports.