Carlos Alcaraz, has he lost the level of the world’s number 1 player?

Carlos Alcaraz is a new phenomenon in the tennis world and is currently receiving great attention from tennis fans around the world. The 19-year-old Spanish was only promoted to pro in 2018 but has quickly earned himself prestigious titles and is recognized by tennis experts for his talent and class. However, at the recent Astana Open, Carlos Alcaraz made fans surprised and disappointed when he was eliminated from the group stage of this tournament. The failure of Alcaraz quickly became a hot topic on tennis sports forums around the world. In this article, let’s learn about this young player and why he received such a bitter defeat.

The brightest young star in the tennis world

At the moment, the name Carlos Alcaraz is really making tennis fans crazy. If you ask anyone who is the youngest and most famous player in the tennis world today, the answer is certainly Alcaraz. He is the pride of Spanish sport and is currently a new phenomenon attracting the attention of thousands of American fans. The Spaniard took only 4 years to put his name on the top of the best tennis players in the world, not only that, Alcaraz’s achievements have shown no signs of stopping. He is the youngest person to have had the honor of participating in a Grand Slam in 17 years since Rafael Nadal joined the tournament in 2005. Alcaraz has never tasted defeat, he has won almost 50 matches at this year’s tournament and only a few matches away from the Grand Slam. Not only that, the Spaniard also easily entered the semi-finals of the US Open at the age of 19, an age that no other player has been able to do so far.

Carlos Alcaraz

Fans of the US Open tournament admit that they follow the tournament because of the appearance of Alcaraz, they always feel satisfied and happy when watching the 19-year-old play intensely on the field. In Alcaraz there is an energy that no other player today possesses, he plays with speed, technique, and force until the last seconds of the match. He knows how to make the opponent feel tired and give up with his youth and perseverance. The proof is that the American audience was willing to sit at the racquet court until more than 3 am just to see how Alcaraz defeated Jannik Sinner after more than 5 hours.

Thanks to the titles and achievements in a short time, Alcaraz quickly became the face of many famous brands in the world. Every company wants the 19-year-old’s presence on their product brands. He is currently the most appreciated tennis player and also one of the young players expected to continuously break records in the past. Along with Rafael Nadal, the 19-year-old tennis player is really capturing the attention of Spanish fans, he is seen as the tennis icon of this country and an inspiration for the younger generation of tennis players towards domestic rackets development. Alcaraz plays like a champion, so he always creates invisible pressure on the opponent. With the world No. 1 at such a young age, Alcaraz should really focus on his career and hone his skills more so that no one can surpass him, and register his name into the history of tennis. Given the achievements he has achieved, Alcaraz’s predicted to finish at the Astana Open against fearsome opponents like Novak Djokovic or Daniil Medvedev is nothing to worry about. However, surprisingly, the 19-year-old player completely collapsed in the first rounds in Kazakhstan.

Losing to tennis player David Goffin

David Goffin from the beginning was not appreciated compared to Alcaraz although in terms of experience, the Belgian player is slightly better than the Spaniard. Not only that, before the pressure of achievements that Alcaraz creates, Goffin will certainly have many difficulties in defeating this young player. However, contrary to many people’s expectations. Goffin did not have any difficulty against Alcaraz, even, though he played proactively and completely overwhelmed the opponent. This made tennis fans feel extremely surprised as if they did not see the familiar image of Alcaraz as usual, at the Astana Open, he played weakly and couldn’t shake off the pressures created by the opponent.

Many people think that perhaps the Davis Cup break is too long, so maybe Alcaraz has lost his rhythm and it is this break that has caused Alcaraz’s performance and achievements to be reduced, but there are also some who say that the failure of the Spaniard is also because he does not really focus on the tournament after receiving too much attention and invitations to cooperate from big brands. During the match against the Belgian, Alcaraz was completely unable to reverse the situation, he was constantly behind in points and could not create the mutations as he did in the previous matches. What makes viewers disappointed is that the 19-year-old guy constantly serves poorly and misses the break-point in an extremely unfortunate way. Meanwhile, the 7th seed of the world tennis Goffin played sublimely and showed viewers that he is really a seasoned player and still has the strength to play at the top like 6 years ago. Not only that, when facing the world No. 1 player Alcaraz, Goffin plays with the will that he has nothing to lose, and he plays harder when facing a more highly rated young opponent. 

This is considered a big defeat for Alcaraz after a streak of more than 60 matches he is unbeaten, surely not only the fans but also the Spaniard himself will feel extremely disappointed. To be able to overcome the unnecessary defeats and regain its inherent form, Alcaraz will definitely have to adjust the competitive mentality and improve its performance more. And of course, fans still believe he can do it and he will prove to the world that class is forever. He will continue to write history for the tennis world and become an icon that everyone loves and admires.