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To win your first blackjack tournament, here’s everything you need to know. You might be able to profit from these events if you use the right method.

Putting Money Towards Buy-Ins


Consider your money as one of the first things you should do before entering a blackjack tournament. Tournament play differs from table play in that your financial concerns are taken care of once you’ve purchased a ticket to the event.

Nonetheless, depending on the quantity of your standard bet, you may end up spending more than you expected. A $10 flat bet using a basic approach, for example, might only lose $10 each hour.

When thinking about buy-ins, it’s better to start with your money. You’re at risk of becoming bankrupt if you don’t.

Before jumping deeply into blackjack tournaments, consider how far your buy-ins will take you. You should never risk more than 5% of your total bankroll on a single event.

Take Into Account Your Return On Investment

When I’m considering a blackjack tournament, I look at the prize pool as well as the entry cost. Most events will feature a variable prize pool, meaning that the amount of money will vary based on how many people participate.

When the casinos are filled, these events are crucial because the jackpots can reach dizzying heights. However, the more money up for grabs, the more competition you’ll have to contend with in order to win.

However, in an event where the casinos are guaranteeing $10,000 in prize money, you’re more likely to see superior players. Before making any financial commitments, newcomers to blackjack tournaments should assess the benefits and drawbacks.

It’s best to wait for a better opportunity if an event is too far out of your financial range. Starting small and seeing where the tournament life leads you is a good idea.

Keep A Close Eye On The rules

Blackjack Tournaments

A blackjack tournament will follow the same format as a typical live dealer casino blackjack table. To win hands, players compete against the dealer. But, the difference is that players compete head to head for the highest chip total at the end of the event.

It is preferable to plan ahead of time for the type of event. Some events are elimination-style, with the goal of becoming the last person standing. This necessitates patience as well as a more delicate approach to your wagers.

Other tournaments are only based on who has the most chips at the conclusion. It’s in the players’ best interests to be more aggressive and build up their bankrolls early and often.

Pay notice and strive to participate in events that play to your talents. Many tournaments will pay the top 20%, however skilled players may opt to compete in events with fewer spots. This will enhance the amount of money won by dividing the same amount of money among fewer competitors.

Free Rolls Can Help You Increase Your Profits

You should take advantage of free rolls whenever possible. Many free roll tournaments only provide the winner access to a premium event, but that’s still a fantastic perk.

Taking advantage of every available free roll will help you collect the necessary experience to become a winner. The only significant disadvantage of free rolls is that the field size is much higher than usual due to the lack of an admission fee.

As a beginner, use the free rolls to get your feet wet, then continue to play free rolls as an experienced player to extend your bankroll.

Change Up Your Strategy

You should approach the competition with a plan in mind. It’s better to have a fundamental approach locked down and be ready to make quick judgments.

Fading the rest of your table is another important part of blackjack tournament play. Many players will also employ a simple strategy to level the playing field.

To set yourself apart from the competitors, take a distinct approach to betting. When the table is soft, gamble aggressively to gain an advantage. Take a backseat and let the players fall back if the table is betting aggressively.

Final Thoughts On Blackjack Tournaments

Many casino players consider blackjack to be a must-play game. Why not try your hand at blackjack tournaments and see where it takes you?

Even if you know everything you need to know to win your first blackjack tournament, you won’t be successful right away. But it puts you miles ahead of the majority of your competitors.