Tennis fans around the world are turning their attention to Rafael Nadal after he spoke out about his desire to regain glory and fame again in his career. After a recent serious injury and the cancellation of important tournaments, in this comeback, although he knows he will still face many difficulties, Rafael Nadal has made fans racket, especially those who love him feel full of hope when this athlete clearly shows his desire to be the world No. 1 in front of the media. Does Nadal really have the best health and spirit to return to the fierce races? Will he really return to the position he was in before the injury?

Rafael Nadal

Start again with Cincinnati Masters 2022

The Cincinnati Masters tournament has been going on for a few days and is expected to last until August 21, this is a prestigious tournament held every year so that players can warm up and mentally prepare for the US Open. will take place later this year. Immediately after returning from an abdominal injury, Rafael Nadal immediately chose Cincinnati Masters as the place to find the feeling of playing for himself after a long absence. For Nadal, Cincinnati Masters 2022 is the first step for him to feel his recovery during the course of the competition, Nadal sees this tournament as a stepping stone for him to make sure that his health and form. fully qualified to participate in the US Open.

However, if only considering the Cincinnati Masters 2022 as a place to run the momentum for the US Open, this is not entirely true, Nadal himself also said that this tournament in Ohio state still needs to focus and play at its best. because the opponents who will compete with him are also the best seeds of the tennis world today, in which, the most prominent is the world No. 1 player Daniil Medvedev. Daniil Medvedev is also Nadal’s familiar opponent at the most recent Us Open (2019). Daniil Medvedev is the tennis player who has the most relationships with Rafael Nadal. After many confrontations, Medvedev could barely win against Nadal, which made the winning mentality of this player even more doubled. During the time of Nadal’s injury, Medvedev quickly collected valuable titles for his career, but unfortunately, he faced fierce opposition from the international tennis fan community. only because he has Russian nationality. At Cincinnati Masters 2022, Medvedev will definitely be Nadal’s most annoying opponent, because he already understands Nadal’s play style after many confrontations. Not only that, Medvedev’s current form is more appreciated than Nadal . Medvedev has great skill with returns and recognizes Nadal’s weakness. At this year’s Cincinnati Masters, with the number of top 10 players in the world coming to compete, it’s also a good time for Nadal to announce to opponents that he is back and strong. stronger instead of consecutive injuries in previous tournaments.

I will take back 1st place

Rafael Nadal and the desire to regain the number 1 position in the world

Just a few days ago, just before the start of the Cincinnati Masters 2022, Rafael Nadal told the media that he wants to regain the No. 1 position more than ever. For Nadal, the position of a champion means a lot, especially when he has had to put aside the desire to play for a long time to cure his illness, as well as he was forced to stop. at major tournaments even though he was close to touching the championship trophy. Although Nadal often favors competing in the Rogers Cup, with his current condition, it makes perfect sense for him to choose the Masters 1000. Nadal believes that in any tournament, big or small, he will play to the best of his ability and beat his own limits.

Nadal admits that he himself has had certain difficulties playing on hard courts due to an abdominal injury, which has made him feel less confident, hence, the first matches of the Cincinnati Masters. 2022 Nadal is forced to win to regain his confidence. If Nadal wins the championship trophy of this tournament, he will return to the number 1 position in the world, however, the most important thing for Nadal at the moment is still the test, he needs to play skillfully so as not to affect the injury.

Before the statements of Rafael Nadal, fans were somewhat reassured about the return of their favorite player. For those who especially love the 36-year-old tennis player, they will have more faith in the return of Nadal. However, along with the joy, some fans also began to express concern for Nadal’s health. Because he still spends 4 hours a day practicing, for Nadal, training time is gold, even though he is so engrossed in practice that he forgets that he has just recovered. injury. Many experts say that Rafael Nadal’s daily practice hours are even more than the daily practice hours of a professional athlete who has never been injured. With the current intensity of training, Nadal’s abdominal injury is completely at risk of recurrence, and once the abdominal ligament is torn again, Nadal may really have to give up playing. professional tennis to lie down for a long time. This is definitely something no one wants.

If he is lucky, Nadal will have the best health to win the championship trophy, maybe his physical condition at this time is not really perfect, but Nadal’s spirit and class has been shown very clearly. through each of his statements to the media. He deserves to be the top tennis player in the world.