After a period of silence, Thomas Tuchel spoke out via Twitter about being sacked by Chelsea.

Which came as a huge surprise to him after 19 months of service. He was abruptly fired by Chelsea, and he is still in disbelief because he wasn’t mentally ready for it beforehand.

Thomas Tuchel

After being sacked, Tuchel humbled himself and asked Chelsea for another chance. He believes he is capable of assisting the squad in overcoming obstacles. However, President Todd Boehly and his associates said no because they identified conflicts in the way the German strategist worked and the club’s development strategy.

Accordingly, Thomas Tuchel wrote: “These are the most difficult announcements I have ever had to write, and something I hope I will not have to do for many years. I’m disappointed that my time at Chelsea has come to an end.”

“Chelsea is a club where I always feel at home, both professionally and personally,” he said. Thank you to all of the staff, players, and fans who made me feel so welcome from the start. I’m happy to have helped the squad win the Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup. These are accomplishments that I will always remember. I am honored to be a part of the club’s history, and the memories of the past 19 months will always have a special place in my heart.”

Marca claims that even though Thomas Tuchel has just been Chelsea’s coach for 19 months, it has been a proud 19 months in his leadership career. He made no mention of Chelsea’s owners’ actions and instead focused on his love for “The Blues” rather than assigning blame or making criticisms of their actions. Thomas Tuchel is said to act in a very manly and professional manner.

That is one of the reasons why his previous pupils still hold him in such high regard and fondness. On his page, Thiago Silva, who has worked with Tuchel since he was at PSG and then Chelsea, expressed genuine confidence in his former head coach.

On Instagram, Thiago posted: “Working under his direction is a big honor for me. Thomas, I appreciate everything. I regret that I was unable to help you. The best will come to you and your family.”

Notably, The Telegraph (via Metro) reported that Tuchel was once contacted by both Manchester United and Barcelona during the 2017–18 season. In regards to Manchester United, they got in touch with Tuchel early this year in the hopes that the unrest at Stamford Bridge following the fines against Roman Abramovich would cause the former Dortmund captain to reevaluate his options.

Thomas Tuchel spoke out via Twitter about being sacked by Chelse

Also, before appointing coach Xavi Hernandez, Barca contacted Tuchel in November of last year. In the end, though, Tuchel chose to reject both offers to continue sticking with Chelsea.

During this time, “The Blues” won important championships like the Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, and European Super Cup, and advanced to back-to-back FA Cup and League Cup finals under the direction of the German tactician.

As a result, the quick firing of coach Thomas Tuchel by Chelsea came as a huge shock, and the choice taken by billionaire Todd Boehly is still being analyzed in the British press.

Chelsea promptly replaced Thomas Tuchel as a coach with Graham Potter after parting ways with him, but not before paying the Brighton club more than $ 21 million in restitution. In addition to Graham Potter, the four assistants of this military leader also came to Chelsea to work.

This makes sense given that Graham Potter and his aides are still bound by long-term agreements with Brighton. However, MU spent £ 2.5 million less to secure Erik Ten Hag and the assistant team’s signature than Chelsea did to terminate Graham Potter’s contract.

He started preparing right away with his aides for the match against Fulham in the seventh round of the Premier League. The game is scheduled to start on September 10, but because of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, this weekend’s Premier League matches were postponed.

“It gives us great pleasure to welcome Graham Potter to Chelsea. Potter has demonstrated that he is an innovator in the Premier League who fits our goal for Chelsea, “As Boehly put it, Potter.

Shortly after the 2022–23 season began, Thomas Tuchel became the first head coach of a major European team to be dismissed by the home club. The owner Todd Boehly’s decision was viewed as rash and somewhat unexpected. Keep in mind that there are currently just a few people that are truly suitable for the West London team.

Meanwhile, the decision to replace will help Tuchel earn 13 million pounds. He was compensated for the final year of his contract with “The Blues.” This 49-year-old military leader is highly dissatisfied and outraged after losing his job.

Tuchel will soon give a lawyer permission to execute the formalities required to finalize the contract with Chelsea. After suffering a severe blow to his pride, he intends to go back to his homeland of Krumbach, Bavaria, Germany to relax and restore his strength.

However, as reported by the German daily Bild, coach Tuchel may likely need to adjust his timetable. Accordingly, only a few hours after Chelsea and Tuchel called it quits, RB Leipzig sacked coach Domenico Tedesco. Tuchel will be the shining name to occupy the hot seat at the Red Bull Arena, the senior Leipzig said.

Leipzig isn’t doing all that well right now. They were defeated at home by Shakhtar 1-4 in the opening match of the Champions League., and they are only ranked 11th in the Bundesliga.

Coach Tuchel is a well-known figure with talent that has been proven throughout Europe, from Germany to France to England. From 2007 until 2017, he served as the head coach of Augsburg II, Mainz, and Dortmund. Tuchel did not go outside of the country until 2018.

The former Chelsea captain will probably accept a Leipzig offer. Timo Werner, a Leipzig player on loan from Chelsea, will be reunited with Tuchel once this scenario comes to pass.

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