talents of high-class boxers

This year’s PFL 2022  is receiving great attention from martial arts fans around the world, this is the time when the tournament is entering the most difficult and fierce stage, also the time when martial artists The best doctor will be named. PFL 2022 only has 8 strongest boxers to participate, they are all high-class boxers and are at the peak of their careers. The most impressive performances are about to appear in the martial arts, which names will win the championship title?

The gathering place of the best boxers

PFL is no stranger to sports fans in general and martial arts fans in particular. This is a tournament that brings together the world’s top boxers in many different weight classes and attracts more than 550 million people around the world. Compared to UFC or ONE Championship, PFL is much more attractive and thrilling because of the different scoring methods. This tournament does not choose pairs freely, they choose fighters to fight based on score allocation. The winning boxer will get 3 points, losing the match has no points, and holding the opponent’s draw, the boxer will only get 1 point. Not only that, the quick time to defeat the opponent is also added by the referee. Therefore, PFL always makes the boxers play hard and try to score as quickly as possible to finish the match. This factor makes the PFL more attractive than the UFC and ONE Championship because it forces the fighters to continuously compete without stopping, instead of competing in moderation and seizing the opportunity to get points.

It is also for the above reasons that the PFL is always the destination of the best boxers, fighters who compete with all their skills, strength, and absolute will to win. This year’s PFL is also a gathering place for great boxers, prominent among them are 8 boxers who have gone to the last rounds of the season, such as Kayla Harrison, Chris Wade, Bubba Jenkins, …


Kayla Harrison

Kayla Harrison is a name that has been with the PFL since the very first days of the tournament. She is a prominent face in the American Judo world and is one of the typical female boxers representing the US to compete in most major tournaments in the world. In 2018, Kalay Harrison was crowned PFL champion, then 1 year later, she continued to be crowned champion. During her time in the PFL, Kayla Harrison went 14 consecutive undefeated matches, she was always a tough opponent for female boxers in the same weight class. Before her great achievements, Kayla Harrison has been asked many times by the UFC to recruit her, they want to see Kaylay Harrison on the UFC stage, but continuously receive rejections. Despite turning 32 years old, Kayla’s fitness and performance do not seem to show any signs of decline, as evidenced by her dense list of achievements including 2 Olympic gold medals in 2012 and 2016, and the championship gold world medal 2010, 2 gold medals at Pan American Games 2011 and 2015. At this year’s PFL, Kaylay Harrison continues to be one of the 8 most feared names in the martial arts arena, for other female competitors in the same weight class, they’d better be wary.

Chris Wade

Chris Wade

Like other famous boxers, Chris Wade has never been absent from the semi-finals of the PFL, his performances in the ring always leave a deep impression in the hearts of martial arts fans. But Chris Wade’s predestined championship title never seemed to come to him, as evidenced by the fact that this boxer always stops in the semi-finals of the PFL every year. PFL this year, again. Chris Wade reappears with ambition and effort many times over. Possesses a desirable body and a handsome face, but Chris Wade has always been a terror to rival boxers because he is extremely proficient in locking moves. Chris Wade is a regular guest of the PFL every season, and because of his skill and stable form, the fact that he has not been able to make it to the finals always causes regret for the fans. Hopefully, this season, Chris Wade will go beyond the semi-finals.

Bubba Jenkins

Bubba Jenkins

Bubba Jenkins is a name that the American wrestling world is very interested in because he started his professional career at a very young age. Bubba Jenkins won the entire state of Virginia and the whole USA at the U17 wrestling tournament for students. So far, having competed in the PFL as a professional boxer, it seems that Bubba Jenkins is still not satisfied with his performance. During his career competing in major tournaments, Bubba Jenkins has won two Brave Combat Federation championship titles in 2018 and 2019. Immediately after being recruited by PFL, Bubba Jenkins only took exactly 1 year to reach the semi-finals. and compete with famous and experienced fighters like Ryoji Kudo. Bubba Jenkins’ forte is being calm and watching his opponent, he slows down the game and makes it difficult for opponents to predict when he will strike. Jenkins is famous for his beautiful opponent wrestling, so most of the opponents when being approached by Bubba Jenkins, find a way to dodge quickly to avoid the fatal blows of the German boxer.

PFL has never lacked attraction because this is the most prestigious playground for professional boxers, in PFL, they have to play their best to win and maintain their scores, only so they can advance to the inner rounds and meet more worthy opponents. Let’s watch PFL 2022, surely the best boxers will bring fans top-notch and eye-catching matches. If you are looking to watch a professional and fair martial arts arena, if you want to see attractive and accurate shots, and if you want to see the best martial arts names in the world, don’t miss the PFL. The most regular and equal tournament in the United States will continue to be started every year, which boxer will be named on this year’s champion rankings?