Manchester City destroys Manchester United ? 

The start of the Manchester derby always makes football fans in not only England but also everywhere in the world feel excited, and look forward to it. The encounters between the two most famous teams in the land of fog, Manchester United and Manchester City, are always the focus of football matches in the world, where fans can see the fierce competition, the most dramatic, the most dramatic score chases, and the ultimate display of skill. The last match between these two teams was such a good example when Man City really engulfed Manchester United in the heat of Etihad Stadium with a score of 6-3. Closing with a resounding victory that brought great excitement to the audience, Man City really once again consolidated its throne and proved to fans that the difference in class between the two teams is too clear, and up to this point, it can be affirmed that the level and skills of Manchester United cannot be compared with Man City anymore.

Manchester Derby disaster

It can be said that MU at the present time is no longer as excellent as before, not only that, they continuously encounter troublesome stories on the sidelines about transfer issues, coaches as well as internal problems. of the whole team. However, overcoming the existing pressures, until now, Manchester United have done very well with a record of 4 consecutive wins and is gradually regaining their inherent form. But it was not until the time of the Manchester derby that MU was really engulfed in disappointment and shame before the brutal destruction of Man City. During the 90 minutes of the match, David DeGea had to pick up the ball six times, including two hat-tricks from Erling Haaland and Phil Foden. Even losing 4 goals in the first half of the match was enough to make MU’s spirit plummet, just like what Erik ten Hag commented on his students after the defeat at the Etihad Stadium. He said that the team he led had no will and completely lacked confidence in holding the ball and handling situations on the field. Ten Hag expressed disappointment and did not understand why his students fought weakly and completely let Man City dominate.

Manchester United

However, blaming each other in the team also partly makes the image of the Dutch coach as well as the image of MU become more ugly in the eyes of the fans. Because in the second half of the match, MU really tried to shake off the pressure from Man City and scored 3 goals. Although the score 6-3 for an English derby is not unprecedented, this result for MU is really not a proud result. Before the disastrous defeat at Etihad Stadium, MU’s hope of entering the top 4 strongest teams officially disappeared, they had to temporarily stand in 6th place and will still have to face many more difficulties to improve. improve their position in the rankings, and more importantly, regain their lost honor against stronger teams.

Man City – undefeated squad

It can be said that, until now, Pep Guardiola can be completely assured with the squad he has created, thanks to expensive transfer contracts, skilled and experienced players. As well as the Spanish coach’s high-class playing philosophy, Man City is really showing how strong they are. In every line of this team, there are key players, the most prominent of which are Erling Haaland and Phil Foden, two monster rookies that make the defense of any team terrifying. And just as everyone expected, Haaland and Foden only took a few minutes to open the scoring for Man City, it seemed that no player in the defense could stop the attacks of these two young rookie. The proof is that they made Dea Gea have to pick up the ball up to 6 times in a match. Not only that, with the full support from Kevin De Bruyne, Kyle Walker, … Man City became unbeaten in all routes, making MU really helpless when it was impossible to counterattack and win the ball back.

Manchester City

Man City’s performance in the English derby has made world football fans satisfied, not only that, it also shortens the distance between Man City and the current leading team, Arsenal, with a gap only 1 point left. They are really showing that the defending champion is really coming back and is fully capable of preserving their throne. The fearsome power of Man City will also make Arsenal feel scared and forced to overwhelm the opponent in the following matches to double the gap with the defending champion. However, this is really not easy, when Man City owns the fearsome scoring machines Phil Foden and Erling Haaland.

Regarding the team’s results, instead of being happy, Pep Guardiola was not really satisfied with the students. In terms of force and level, MU really is no longer the biggest rival of Man City, so for him, winning this team is natural. And with 4 goals in the first half not really making him feel satisfied, he thinks that Man City can completely create more terrifying pressure than that, and of course, the goals in the first half have not been. can stop at 4 goals. Not only that, Pep said that only in the time of the second half, MU was able to score 3 goals against Man City, while the attack power of his team was somewhat neutralized and took place. at a slower pace, which led him to think that Man City needed to work a lot harder to completely overwhelm the opponent during the 90 minutes of the match. That’s how a defending champion should perform to rival teams.

The Premier League is gradually closing, and the strongest teams have also gradually appeared, this is also the time of the most intense and dramatic competition on the ranking track. Which two teams will meet in the final and will Man City still be able to keep the throne? Let’s follow the matches and football information updated every day.

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