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League of Legends Champion Korea has long since ceased to encapsulate its influence within the Korean framework, but has spread globally, if only in terms of League of Legends, no tournament can be beat. League of Legends Champion Korea (LCK) both in terms of format and quality. Known as a powerful power in Asia in the field of eSports, the young generation of Korea considers this as a school subject and a major earning career after graduation for them. In any League of Legends, the candidates from Korea are never easily eliminated, even if they always bring home the highest titles or top positions. This year’s LCK tournament, Gen.G won a convincing victory and became the new champion of the Korean League of Legends season. With this victory, how will Gen.G feel?

Gen.G Esports

Chovy’s Presence

Like football, in eSports there are also transfer deals and shocking contracts. In this field of e-sports, there are also famous names and legends at major tournaments, one of which is Chovy. In mid-2021, the whole eSports community came to life when former HLE player Chovy officially signed a new contract with Gen.G Esports. Having Chovy’s signature is enough to see how ambitious Gen.G is to become a champion, the presence of the legendary Chovy will be the final perfect piece to create an unbeaten squad in the LCK. With Chovy’s service, Gen.G is considered half way to the top. Chovy is the main factor responsible for uniting the entire team and creating a first-class line-up, with his experience and achievements, Chovy will be able to solve the problems in gameplay and organization. In the match of Gen.G, he will push his teammates to play more aggressively and professionally.

Chovy’s arrival made Gen.G’s championship chance only a matter of time, and as expected of fans, Chovy and his teammates successfully got the LCK crown and won. get a spot in the League of Legends World Cup race. The 3-0 victory is a worthy result for the efforts that Chovy and his teammates, with only nearly 1 year to be able to catch up with the gameplay and familiarize themselves with new teammates, but Chovy has quickly integrated into the competitive environment at Gen.G and won a victory that made fans admire. Not only that, with the support of his teammates, Chovy practiced different tactics and attacks to prevent all possible cases from the enemy faction and knew how to neutralize their tactics. With a direct ticket to the League of Legends World Finals, Gen.G and Chovy can certainly go even further, if they don’t win the championship, they will definitely meet the champion enemies in the final round.

Gen.G’s thoughts after winning the LCK 2022

League of Legends Champion Korea

Gen.G is known for being a team that is not destined for championship titles, as evidenced by their squad full of class monsters in the field of e-sports, but in reality, there is only Ruler has won the title of world champion, the rest of the members have not had the opportunity to win this title. Therefore, Gen.G’s victory in this year’s LCK is a great success for the team after many years of effort. Gen.G has officially cut their title chase days and proved to the fans that they really are a capable team.

As for Coach Score, he thinks that Gen.G’s winning result was worth their efforts, Gen.G even remembers the tactics they’ve been playing since last spring, because However, with the new strategies they have created this summer, they will certainly be the team with the most diverse and unpredictable gameplay, because the tactics they use are extremely unpredictable. Not only that, Gen.G is very active in analyzing the mistakes they made during the match, they carefully research and find the solutions for those mistakes, so that they will never make the same mistake again.

Gen.G’s representative, Peanut, shared that his team needs to work a lot harder for the world finals because it will be a tough arena with more fearsome opponents. For Peanut, the key point that a team should have is a common spirit, they should find a common voice when participating in competitions and learn from failures to be able to play more complete and united. more. Before the game, Peanut shared that he often encourages his teammates to do their best and if they lose, they will not regret it. On Chovy’s side, he is a bit more modest, Chovy thinks that this championship title has helped him escape the shadow of an unknown player, but in reality, esports fans know it. that the name Chovy has never been an anonymous name in the Korean eSports village.

The whole team thinks that the result of winning with a score of 3-0 is not a bad result, but it is not a good enough result for them to feel proud of the performance and class of the whole team, because they can do a lot better than that. And after this championship, they will have to face even more annoying opponents, so the fact that they won a tournament within Korea has not really made them feel their desire to win. Chovy thinks that Gen.G can completely win the League of Legends World Finals, and assures Korean fans that they will bring results worthy of their efforts. The whole team promised to bring Korea a great tournament and more than that, a world championship trophy to honor Korea’s e-sports field. Regarding these assurances, fans are satisfied and confident, because they have strong faith in what they have observed Gen.G over the past year, with Chovy’s presence. and other professional teammates, Gen.G is sure to be a standout contender for the world championship.

Winning the Korean LCK this year is a great stepping stone for Gen.G so that they have enough spirit and the best state to reach a higher-level tournament. With the current perfect line-up, as long as the boys try, unite and understand each other, they will definitely achieve the goals they have set.