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At the end of the summer transfer window, people began to stop talking about transfer contracts, but that is not why the information about the Portuguese super striker Ronaldo subsided. Witnessing the rise and fall of Manchester United, fans still have certain doubts about the rise of the team under Erik ten Hag although, at present, Manchester United has gradually regained its form. stability. Not only that, rumors about Ronaldo’s departure seem to have never ended, right at this moment, information about his desire to wear a Chelsea shirt has surfaced again. So how will the number 7 decide and where will the legendary number 7 successor go? Let’s take a look at the journey of the Portuguese super player in this article. Bookmark this page to see more updatest EPL News

Number 7 at Manchester United

Number 7 at Manchester United

Manchester United is proud of its rich history, and in every heroic period of the team, there has always been a 7 as the flagship, the leader who led the team to the title. In the 70s of the last century, No. 7 George Best roamed the English lawns with his tear-jerking dribbles. He and Bobby ChalrtoCharlton and Dennis Law No. 9 formed an unrivaled trio in the Man United attack. After Best, Bobby Robson took over the number 7 shirt, helping Sir Alex Ferguson win the FA Cup, the first title in the Scottish teacher’s career leading the Reds. Robson is also the longest-serving captain in the club’s history. Next, Old Trafford Stadium saw the number 7 shirt worn by an outstanding name: “King” Eric Cantona. Needless to say the influence of “King Eric”, as his upturned collar became the legacy of not only Manchester United, but the Premier League in its early days. It was he who laid the solid foundations for the golden age of Man United under the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson. David Beckham took over the No. 7 from Cantona, and took the shirt to fame around the world, turning Manchester United into a global brand. The charm of Beckham’s playing talent and appearance, and the miraculous treble in the 1999 season, have brought the name of the Red Devils far beyond the borders of England, becoming the most admired team in the world. To this day, the Manucians still remember Becks as the most perfect number 7 the team has ever had.

That much pressure on the legendary number 7 is enough to crush any name that intends to wear it. But for a young man from Lisbon named Cristiano Ronaldo, all the pressure means nothing. He announced to everyone that he would be the best player in the world, so that number 7 shirt, he must wear it. “That famous shirt has been a significant source of motivation. I was forced to fight for my honor when I put it on,” Ronaldo shared. But he did more than that. The CR7 brand is even more prominent than David Beckham in the past. Ronaldo is also an important pillar. most important, ushering in the next era of Manchester United’s flourishing, three consecutive Premier League titles from the 2006/07 to 2008/09 season, and the dazzling culmination of winning the Champions League in the 2007/08 season. turned Ronaldo into the World’s Best Player, the new owner of the prestigious Ballon d’Or. At the end of six years at Old Trafford, Ronaldo left 118 goals in 292 matches and countless noble titles. that every player dreams of.

Number 7 at Real Madrid

Number 7 at Real Madrid

Crossing more than 2000 km to come to the Bernabeu football cathedral, Ronaldo also carries on his expectation of nothing other than entering the legendary temple of the “White Vulture”. Coincidentally, the number 7 shirt is also treasured as the greatest asset here. Only famous names can wear that number. It is not only an honor but also a terrible pressure for the juniors because it is covered by the great shadow of the predecessor. Before Ronaldo arrived, Real Madrid’s No. 7 shirt passed through only two owners. Those are Emilio Butragueno and Raul Gonzalez. Both are the greatest legends in the history of Los Blancos. The first, Butragueno contributed to giving birth to Real Madrid’s immortal nickname: “White Vulture”. Meanwhile, the whole world once called Real Madrid deviating to “Raul Madrid” as a way to affirm the talent and influence of “Lord of the Rings” Raul at the Bernabeu.

Therefore, this number 7 shirt is even more difficult to wear than in Manchester. Ronaldo, when he arrived at the Bernabeu, was already the best player in the world, no, but it was also the most expensive contract on the planet. The pressure he had to bear was much heavier. Outsiders look at him, fans expect him. The tradition of the Madridistas is that they will boo anyone on the team who plays badly. Even Fat Ro, Zidane, and Raul criticized te tau, let alone CR7. But that pressure has nothing to do with Ronaldo. Each time, CR7 responds with goals. He always stood up strong and was the locomotive pulling the whole Real forward, scoring goals to bring the home team to victory. He was like that for 9 years at the Bernabeu. 4 Champions League titles, 2 La Liga titles, the position of the greatest striker in Real history with 450 goals in 438 matches, and thousands of memorable moments, Ronaldo has created a completely new value and perhaps is unique in the history of the number 7 shirt in Madrid.

Inheritance of the number 7 shirt

The day Ronaldo left his shirt to leave for Italy after the historic breakup with Real, it was clear that he had left too big a gap in the Royal team. The successor to the number 7 shirt, means that he has put himself in a position to compare with the entire feat that CR7 created in nearly a decade of wearing Real. A challenge, to be fair, is truly insane.

Mariano Diaz couldn’t resist the incredible pressure of fitting Ronaldo’s shirt number. The Dominican Republic player can’t even win a regular starting spot, let alone a fraction of Ronaldo’s. By the summer of this year, when the number 7 was transferred to a new star arriving at the Bernabeu, Eden Hazard, the Madridistas expected the Belgian striker to not be crushed by Ronaldo’s too big shadow. However, with what has happened so far in the season, it can be seen that Hazard has not been able to find the most quintessential quality of his time at Chelsea. Hazard’s talent is undisputed, but the new number 7 is still struggling to fill the absence of Ronaldo in Madrid.

Looking at England, the situation of Manchester United is much more tragic. Talented players are expected to replace Ronaldo, put on the number 7 shirt, and then … sink. Ten years on, but the Red Devils still can’t find a worthy successor. “Speed ​​King” Antonia Valencia was brought back to Old Trafford, labeled with the new number 7, but then the Ecuadorian had to ask to be transferred to play with the number 25 because he could not stand the terrible pressure. That wise decision helped Valencia play stably for Man United for a decade.

Will the current number 7 of MU have to give way to another player next time? Hopefully, no matter which club, Ronaldo will still make history with the legendary number 7 he owns.