This year’s Premier League season has seen huge fluctuations in the football club’s rankings, new recruits have started to play, old contracts have also been sold, and clubs are rushing to complete Improve your squad in the most perfect way to join the race to win the Premier League trophy. The teams that seem to be at the top of the rankings are showing signs of losing their original form, and the underrated teams are rising up amazingly. Only Tottenham, the club always ensures stability in the seasons, more specifically, this season, they are the best candidate for the championship instead of Man City, the undefeated warrior of last season.

Found a new name to replace Liverpool to face Man City this season

The strongest squad in Premier League history

Tottenham has just conducted the final procedures to complete the 7th transfer contract this year with young defender Destiny Udogie. It can be said that the summer transfer of 2022 is a busy, successful, and extremely effective transfer period for Tottenham’s management and coaching staff. All the deals were done extremely well. With the most recent deal being Udogie, Tottenham spent up to £ 15 million just to get the 19-year-old’s approval. As for Udogie, he also admits that he feels proud to serve for the top club in the world, Tottenham, because at such a young age, Udogie has scored 5 extremely excellent goals after 37 appearances for the club Udinese.

Currently, Tottenham has a squad with an extremely scary attack. This club owns the strongest strikers in the world such as Harry Kane, Son Heung Min, Dejan Kulusevski, and Richarlison. These are four spears that can penetrate any opponent’s defense. Not only that, but the good combination of the duo Harry Kane and Son Heung Min is also enough to make fans understand how great the power of Tottenham is. Antonio Conte’s philosophy is to play according to the full-back system, when he has a strong attack, having Udogie in the team is like a tiger growing wings, this will make Tottenham have a tight squad. and solid. Not only that, but Tottenham also has the service of Ivan Perisic, so the two wings of Tottenham will play a key role in defending and deploying the ball for teammates in the middle. In midfield, Tottenham has Yves Bissouma, a rookie signed this summer for £ 25 million. Bissouma combined with Bentancur will give the Rooster a strong defense. And finally, Hugo Loris holding the goal is something that Antonio Conte can be completely assured of with the potential and class of the club he is leading.

Besides the typical faces, Conte is also in a dilemma when he still has a lot of good players on the bench, how to rotate the squad and how to arrange the players. High-class players having the opportunity to play on the field will certainly be a difficult problem for Conte. Because now, Piero Hincapie is being targeted by Tottenham and is determined to get this player from Bayern Leverkusen. Meanwhile, Emerson Royal is still in top form and is likely to continue to hold the left side of Tottenham, which will make Conte have to arrange names like Udogie, Perisic, and Royal so that it is reasonable.

Tottenham has never expressed their ambition to become king like this year when they continuously spent huge sums of money to get the signatures of the best monsters from many different clubs around the world, with this investment, Tottenham thinks that what they do in exchange for a championship trophy is completely worth it. Not only that, but Tottenham also receives the support of many talented players, who think that this club is suitable for them to show their skills and level, enough to see their position and influence of Tottenham to the players.

Tottenham can completely replace Liverpool to beat the former champion Man City

Tottenham can completely replace Liverpool to beat the former champion Man City

This season, the Spurs will certainly bring a big storm for other teams, when their squad can barely detect any weaknesses. The speed of development of Tottenham under Antonio Conte makes City also wary because this club is constantly promoted on the Premier League rankings. The proof is that Tottenham is currently ranked 3rd in the rankings, just behind Arsenal and Man City. But the gap in points is very small, they have the same score as Man City but slightly different in coefficient, and only 2 points behind Arsenal. This number of points is completely under Tottenham’s control, and after just one more game, they can easily keep up with the achievements of Man City and Arsenal. Coach Guardiola once admitted that he was worried about the strength of Tottenham not only this season but also in many previous seasons because this is the only team in Premier League history to have played 10 times. defeated Man City, so if you meet Man City again, Tottenham will not feel afraid at all.

In this year’s Premier League, Liverpool continuously lost while their squad also had extremely classy and potential names, while Tottenham had a resilient match on the field with Chelsea and did not let the Blues. subdued, they ended in a draw. Therefore, there is no reason why the Spurs should not hope for a championship trophy. Conte really has a good relationship with clubs in the Premier League, as evidenced by the fact that he is leading Tottenham and helping this team to continuously achieve incredible achievements. This strategist now has all the pieces he needs, the important thing is how to develop the plans and especially how he will organize the squad on the day he meets Man City again. But those questions are absolutely no longer questions or worries, it’s just curiosity because Spurs fans fully believe that this season, Tottenham will really do a miracle.

If Liverpool cannot recover from the series of defeats, and Chelsea does not try to rise, then the opportunity is definitely for only one name, that is Tottenham. They completely have enough capacity and strength in terms of squad, players, and strategy to be named the champion this season.